Working with CWTS

Evaluative Inquiries is a new approach in evaluation studies of CWTS, in which I am involved in. We aim to trace the values and effects of research, in order to provide a thorough basis for assessment: What issues motivates researchers most? Which users outside academia can be found? How is the research connected to the work by peers? And how is the ongoing research organized in view of the challenges posed by each of these questions?

Evaluative Inquiries is meant to enlarge the insights in the practices of the research unit from a very broad perspective. The outcomes can be used for research assessments but also for strategic insights in its own policies.

Evaluative Inquiries team includes also Tjitske Holtrop, Thed van Leeuwen, Carole de Bordes, Jochem Zuijderwijk, Ed Noyons and Sarah de Rijcke.


Which contribution is of importance, and what is its effect? How to assess scholarly research?