The core of expertise for modern democracies

Public knowledge institutes such as universities and research institutes belong to the core elements of complex modern democracies. They offer unique expertise, contributing to clear insights in politics and policies, health care, economy or any other aspect of modern society.

Evaluation and assessment is crucial to warrant the quality of expertise and to offer public accountability. Assessment also serves a strategic goal: to learn from past performances and reflect on the challenges and shifting contexts.

A proper self-evaluation tells the story

I offer expertise to do justice to the unique character and mission of research institutes. The institute should be able to show forcefully and self-critically its own assessment in a narrative form. Choices for indicators, case studies, quantitative information serve this purpose. With this approach I offer a stimulating contribution to the quality of the research and its policies, also in view of the motivation and involvement of the researchers.

With a broad range of research methods and techniques I offer a clear view of the institutes most important achievements, and the audiences that have been reached.


Which contribution is of importance, and what is its effect? How to assess scholarly research?

‘It is not primarily about indicators but how these are applied’