Open Access and books (and other outcomes…)

Quality and relevance often go hand in hand, especially in the social sciences and humanities. The examples are abound: well-written books are read and reviewed by academic peers, and are taken up by many readers outside academe.
My work demonstrates this on the basis of citations in scientific literature – such as can be found via Google Scholar- and by the broad response to be found in other domains, such as via internet. You may find sometimes fierce societal debates about the issues raised in these works, and response by professionals, professional societies, governments and political parties, or cultural organizations. Here you can find a list of books, selected by the panels of research schools involved in the development of the QRiH quality system for research in the Humanities, with the numbers of citations and the numbers of societal stakeholders responding to these works in 2016.


Which contribution is of importance, and what is its effect? How to assess scholarly research?

Google Scholar cites # net societal stakeholders Panel
Annemarie Mol  (2003) The Body Multiple Duke University Press 3359 86 Science and Technology Studies
José van Dijck. The Culture of Connectivity: A Critical History of Social Media. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2013. 729 87 Literature Studies
James C. Kennedy, Nieuw Babylon in aanbouw. Nederland in de jaren zestig (Amsterdam 1995: Boom) (1) 280 132 Political History
Piet de Rooy, Republiek van rivaliteiten. Nederland sinds 1813 (Amsterdam: Metz & Schilt 2002) (2) 151 46 Political History
Ernst van de Wetering. Rembrandt. The Painter at Work, AUP, 1996. 150 106 Arts and Art History
Trudy Dehue (2008) De depressie epidemie, Amsterdam: Augustus 103 206 Science and Technology Studies
Frits van Oostrom, Het woord van eer (1987) & Wereld in woorden (2013) 74 22 Philosophy
Leo Lucassen & Jan Lucassen , Winnaars en verliezers. Een Nuchtere Balans Van Vijfhonderd Jaar Immigratie (Amsterdam: Prometheus, 2011) 65 84 Economic History
M. de Winkel, Fashion and fancy : dress and meaning in Rembrandt’s paintings, Amsterdam (AUP) 2006 49 45 Arts and Art History
Henk te Velde, Stijlen van Leiderschap. Persoon en politieke van Thorbecke tot Den Uyl (Amsterdam: Wereldbibliotheek 2002) (3) 41 47 Political History
Marita Mathijsen, De gemaskerde eeuw. Amsterdam, Querido, 2002. 268 pp. 38 57 Arts and Art History
Floris Cohen, Herschepping van de wereld. Het Ontstaan Van De Moderne Natuurwetenschap Verklaard. Amsterdam, Bert Bakker, 2008. 299 pp. 35 66 Cultural History
Wagenaar, Town planning in the Netherlands since 1800, 2011 25 10 Arts and Art History

‘Quality and relevance often go hand in hand, especially in the social sciences and humanities’